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The global market is constantly changing. These changes require expert human resources for proper execution of works and implementation. The education institutes, therefore, face a great challenges to create the competent human resources. The students also suffer from not having industry skill. For this the function of Apprenticeship is designed to close this gap between the two parties.

About Us

Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction in which candidates learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs can be sponsored by individual employers, joint employers and labor groups or employer associations.


The mission of this program is to groom up fresh graduates with exceptional and responsive training programs with various curriculum and high professionals’ trainers according to the skill sets by employers demand and offer competent candidates to industries appropriate for their vacancies.


The vision is to produce the most highly skilled and trained Apprentices and transferring the breadth & depth of knowledge & skills between generations of the workforce, thus promoting the value of contributing to the next generation which will bring a significant and lasting impact on the prosperity of the nation.

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  • Opportunity to get trained Apprentices
  • Employers account & Job Posting service from
  • Networking with other Employers
  • Training module with professional trainers
  • Monitoring the whole training & selection process


  • Attractive Salary based on performance
  • Grooming session on Soft Skills
  • Skill based training according to Subjective knowledge & matched Career
  • Opportunity to get hired in different companies
  • Certification through professional Trainers, employer


  • Company Branding & Promotion
  • Opportunity to get trained Apprentices
  • Introducing company professionals as trainers
  • Support from a dedicated team & structured training
  • Affiliation with, HRDI and many more
About Apprenticeship Program

Professional & Training based Program to grow up your Career

The function of this program is to groom up fresh graduates according to the skill sets employers demand and offer competent candidates to industries appropriate for their vacancies.


Our Objectives

Dynamic and excellent career pathway for the young generation and fresher’s -

  • Ensuring an easy entry to the professional world through a complete process of grooming

  • Advising for recognition, growth and financial support

  • Expanding the diversity of people entering the professional world

  • Offering support from a dedicated team and structured training

  • Providing a smooth pipeline connecting employers with the next generation of officials

  • Bridging between employers and fresher / job seekers

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